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Scoping Series Reets.TV introduces a new video series for water damage restoration pros: the Scoping Series   Here Is What You Get: Full scoping and inspections printable systems manual Scoping sheets (Excel and Number versions) Water damage reports Bonus downloads 1.5 hours of video instruction   Read More

Reets.TV introduces TES/ETES – World’s Fastest drying online video training series! This Series is taught by the inventor of the TES/ETES units and the developer of the Evaporation Potential Formula, Jeremy Reets.     Here Is What You Get:  Full Tes/Etes online video training system. Complete Tes/Etes systems manual. How to guides. Bonus charts, downloads and drying documents. Evaporation Potential and Psychrometric Calculator Here Is What You Will Learn: Learn why “Hot, Dry Airflow to the Water’ is the most important phrase in our industry! Specialized Training to maximize the TES System. How to use ‘Evaporation Potential’. How to Dry faster than anyone else in the world! Techniques for the fastest drying of carpet, pad, wood Read More

 Seven Secrets SeriesHere Is What You Get:7 Secrets video (55 minutes)Two Bonus Videos!Sample Downloads and Documents30 Day Money Backed GuaranteeFanatical Customer Support In this profit-building one hour video, Jeremy Reets will show you seven secrets to unlocking increased profits for your business. The beauty of these secrets are that most can be implemented almost immediately. There are no gimmicks. These are practical techniques that have been field tested for several years in Jeremy’s own water damage restoration business. So why wait? Get your video now and jump-start your profits. Read More

 Customer Service Series Free TrailHow to make your customers become raving fans of your water restoration business. For ONLY - $197 What You Will Learn if you purchase Customer Service Series: Why the first impression matters How to build trust in your customers Why customers get upset and what to do about it How to be solutions oriented How to provide solutions to your customer How to make raving fans of your customers Read More

What You Will Learn if you purchase the Marketing Series:How To Eliminate Cold CallsHow To Grow Your BusinessWho You Should Target Your Marketing EffortsHow To Market To Insurance AgentsHow To Unlock Unlimited Marketing PossibilitiesHow To Get Claims Sent To You Read More

The Reets.TV Hardwood Floor Drying Series is designed to help you learn the best drying practices for hardwood floor drying and restoration. Instructor Jeremy Reets explains technical aspects of hardwood floor drying, how to properly setup a negative floor drying system, and how to properly take moisture readings.Here Is What You Get when you purchase the Hardwood Floor Series:8 Instructor-Led Videos (1.6 hours) with Hands-On Demonstrations of Key Skills You Need To Know:Floor Drying PrinciplesApplication for Wood and Ceramic FloorsHardwood Technical Questions – Part 1Hardwood Technical Questions – Part 2Hardwood Floor Drying ProcessHardwood Floor Moisture ReadingsEvaporation Potential 101Evaporation Potential 102 Read More

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