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ReetsTV Mold Remediation Training 11 Videos Over 2 Hour of content $595 For 1 year Membership  For the first time ever, we are releasing an online course in mold remediation. This course teaches you how to handle a job from beginning to end. Learn what mold is and what makes it grow, how to manage air flow, how to install containment, how to demo and clean, and how to remediate the structure and contents.    Read More

ReetsTV Spanish is HERE! ReetsTV is an Online Water Restoration Training System that you can conveniently use anytime, anywhere. In our growing industry there has been an increased need for training in the Spanish language. At Reets Drying Academy we have worked hard to make that a reality. With Online Training in Spanish the hope is to bridge the gap for bilingual students. Thus helping the student to be better prepared for the field and IICRC certification courses. Our training uses videos and exams to teach important restoration concepts. The videos combine spoken information with footage of practical application. In addition, many terms are shown in both English and Spanish for the students benefit. We will be adding Systems Manual Pages and an Exam in January and there will be more videos to come! Read More

Here is just one of the videos we have for ReetsTV in Spanish.  To Purchase the Full Program Click Here! Read More

Water Damage Restoration Technician (WDRT) Advanced Certificate Course $625- Designed for crew leaders and advanced learners.   What you learn: Fundamentals: Module 1.1.1 The Value of Extracting Carpet and Pad Module 1.1.3 Extracting Carpet and Pad with Ride-on Extraction Tool (Hydrox) Module 1.2.1 Air Movers Identification and Testing Module 1.2.2 Air Mover Best Application and Placement Module 1.2.3 Setting the Right Number of Air Movers Module 1.3.1 Moisture Meter Identification Module 1.3.2 Using Hygrometers and IR Thermometers Module 1.3.3 Invasive Moisture Meter Application Module 1.3.4 Non Invasive Moisture Meter Application Module 1.4.1 Dehumidification’s Role in Drying Module 1.4.2 Using LGR Dehumidifiers Module 1.4.3 Setting The Right Number of LGR Dehumidifiers Module 1.5.2 Electrical Basics and Safety on Water Losses Part 1 Module 1.5.2 Electrical Basics and Safety on Water Losses Part 2 Module 1.6.1 Direct Heat Application Basics Module 1.8.1 Antimicrobial Application Module 1.9.1 Floor Drying Principles Module 1.9.2 Application for Wood and Ceramic Floors Module 1.10.1 Containment Principles Module 1.10.2 Containment Installation Module 1.14.1 Handling Contents On a Water Loss Module 1.15.1 PPE on a Water Loss Module 1.16.1 Wall Air Injection Tools Module 1.16.2 Wall Air Injection Application Module 1.17.1 Understanding Air Filtration Divices Module 1.17.2 Using Air Filtration Devices Science: Module 2.1.1 Psychrometry 101-Relative Humidity, Humidity Ratio & the Psychrometric Chart Module 2.1.2 Psychrometry 102-Humidity Ratio Readings Module 2.3.1 Evaporation Potential 101-Dalton’s Law of Evaporation Module 2.3.2 Evaporation Potential 102- Calculating EP Module 2.3.3 Increase EP by heating Wet Surfaces Module 2.3.4 Increase EP by Drying The Air Module 2.3.5 Drying With EP Module 2.4.1 Determining The Category of Water Module 2.4.3 ATP Testing And Category of a loss Module 2.4.4 Initial Response To Mold Amplification On a Water Loss Module 2.4.5 ATP Sampling Procedures Process: Module 3.1.1 Removing Base and Cutting Drywall Module 3.2.2 Drying Crawlspace Structure Module 3.2.3 Drying Crawlspace Soil Module 3.2.5 Crawlspace Drying Process Module 3.3.1 Hardwood Technical Questions Part 1 Module 3.3.1 Hardwood Technical Questions Part 2 Module 3.3.2 Hardwood Drying Process Module 3.4.1 In Place Drying Module 3.4.3 Conventional Drying Process When Removing Padding and Drying Carpet Module 3.5.1 Ceramic Tile Drying Process-Part 1 Module 3.5.1 Ceramic Tile Drying Process-Part 2 Module 3.9.1 Category 3 Water Loss Response Principles Module 3.9.2 Category 3 Water Loss-Contaminated Material Removal Module 3.9.3 Category 3 Water Loss-Decontamination *Students are responsible for determining if RDA certificate courses will satisfy certification requirements for 3rd party agencies. Read More

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