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IICRC AMRT Course (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)  $995   *WRT Pre-requisite (Must have taken WRT previously)   5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross, GA 30071   Whether you specialize in water damage, sewage clean-up, or mold remediation or just handle the 'occasional' small flood, this class can help keep you out of trouble!  This class covers extremely valuable info such as:   'Hands-on' learning containment construction, proper mold remediation, critical air flow requirements, and much more.........   Various guidelines, standards, & principles of remediation   Structural remediation & water. Setting up drying equipment, air scrubbers, and building containment     Microbiology & health effects. Microorganisms-fungi, bacteria, viruses. Are they active or dormant?   Work procedures. Cleaning vs removal. ‘Contents’ remediation- clean or replace?   Personal protection, health, & safety. Are you dealing with life-threatening contamination?   Microbial sampling. Biocides & antimicrobial -determining when to use. Should you Ozone?   Sewage back-flows. E-coli, salmonella, shigella, pseudomonas, parasites, hepatitus A, rotovirus, adenovirus……WHAT ARE THEY AND ARE YOU PROTECTED? (hint: they can kill)   Sign in begins at 7:30 am. Class is from 8am-5pm daily and is a 4 day course.    ***Class Price Does NOT include test fee. Payment is made directly to the IICRC on the date of test. Cost is: $150   ​For Accommodations and More Information on traveling to this facility: Click Here Read More

IICRC ASD (Applied Structural Drying) $1195 3010 Poplar Rd. Sharpsburg, GA 30277 We are a learning facility only, this means we are here for the sole purpose of education. We do not sell any equipment or spend valuable classroom time marketing a product to you. Our focus is on your success as a business and as part of that we offer additional support that extends past your visit with us.  ​Our teachers have in the field experience and have owned restoration companies. With this experience comes their knowledge and the ability to relate to your trials and everyday experiences you may face. This affords you the opportunity to skip costly learning curves and benefit from their years of hard work. The flood house that you will be working in has an easily accessible dirt floor crawl space. Unlike working in the warehouse or manufactured home, this home was built using construction techniques and materials you are going to be restoring on a daily basis. Nearly 40% of the structure is covered with hard surface flooring such a travertine, ceramic tile, custom finished hardwood flooring, and pre-finished hardwood. There are 9 different types of wall board to give you a depth of experience you won't find elsewhere. Class begins daily at 8am, with exception to the final day of class. On the last day we will begin at 7am for your traveling convenience. For more information on visiting our facility and accomodations Click HERE   Cancellation Policy *Testing Fees are not included in the price of the course. Each IICRC certification exam is $65 each.     Read More

IICRC CDS Course Location: Cleaners Coach 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071 Class daily from 8-6pm Price: $1145.00 Instructor: Mickey Lee Add another technician $995                                                                                     *Pre-requisite WRT         Is Drying a commercial building any different than a residential job?   Absolutely!  This class will prepare you to excel in drying commercial projects from small to large, simple to complicated.   Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) is a 4-day course focusing on commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential structures. During the course, students will become proficient in the analysis and anatomy of commercial structures, improve their inspection techniques, learn advanced psychrometric concepts, and administrate and manage a large drying project. The goal of this course is for the students to be proficient in drying a commercial or complex structure and understand the concepts of managing such a project. This class covers.... -principles of drying -differences between residential and commercial structures project management, project and technical -coordination -negotiation and communication with interested parties -health & safety -re-assessment during the project -safety planning on the job -microbiological considerations -commercial construction practices -climate control -drying complex structures, systems, and materials -commercial mechanical systems and air management -equipment options -air flow and control -temporary power generation and distribution hazard control and communication -engineering controls -project management -planning, staging and project set up -site considerations -hvac systems, components, mechanics -administration -documentation -advanced psychrometry & moisture mechanics in materials   Resources for this course include:  the current ANSI/Clean Trust S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, reference media, scientific, technical and industry resources.  Learn how to inspect, evaluate, dry, administer and manage large losses. Instruction on damage inspection and evaluation, work flow management, process administration and technical methods of effective and timely drying of commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential water-damaged structures, systems, and furniture, fixtures and equipment ( FFE). Testing Fee is not included. $65 per person Cancellation:  If you can't make the class, full refund if class is more than 30 days away.  If less than 30 days, full class fee goes towards the next class of your choice.  Read More

IICRC Fire and Smoke and IICRC Odor Course together in 3 day combo course. For Only: $475 Read More

IICRC FSRT/OCT (Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician and Odor Control Technician Combo) 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071 $475 Instructor: Bruce DeLoatch This Fire/Odor course offers hands-on cleaning of actual ‘smoke damaged furniture’ and cleaning ‘smoke damage’ areas in our ‘demonstration house’. It concentrates on technical procedure for successfully completing the restoration of a fire and smoke damaged environment. Students will learn how to combine technical procedures with a practical approach to managing the job site and how that relates to pricing the job. Learning how to do it right…the first time. There will be hands on demonstrations of equipment such as ULV foggers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl machines. Learn the detection process of odor and the options and applications available to fix the issues. Learn how to use antimicrobials and decontaminates. With FSRT learn how to detect the combustion sources or chemical sources of the fire damage and much much more. **Testing Fees are not included. IICRC certification testing fees are $65 per certification. ​For more information on visiting and accommodations: Click HereClick Here for Cleaners Coach Cancellation Policy Read More

IICRC Fire and Smoke and IICRC Odor Course together in 3 day combo course. For Only: $475 Read More

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