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  Welcome to Reets Drying Academy.  Here on our online store you will find a complete selection of restoration services. Check out our different in house training classes and online training for everyone.

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What You Will Learn if you purchase the Marketing Series:How To Eliminate Cold CallsHow To Grow Your BusinessWho You Should Target Your Marketing EffortsHow To Market To Insurance AgentsHow To Unlock Unlimited Marketing PossibilitiesHow To Get Claims Sent To You Read More

Scoping Series Reets.TV introduces a new video series for water damage restoration pros: the Scoping Series   Here Is What You Get: Full scoping and inspections printable systems manual Scoping sheets (Excel and Number versions) Water damage reports Bonus downloads 1.5 hours of video instruction   Read More

Water Restoration Pro  FREE TRIAL Welcome! You now have access to the Reets.TV Water Restoration Free Sample . This is just a small taste of the assortment of extensive training available to you. With each of the 3 videos in this sample package you will find the coordinating Systems Manual Page that goes along with it. This will give you an idea of the quality of the video library and a chance to check out how you can implement this training in your own business. To view the titles of all of the videos currently available in the Online Water Restoration Pro Series, Click here. If you are ready to:-Train Anytime At Your Convenience 24/7-Keep Your Entire Team Accountable-Systematize Your Processes and Encourage Consistency-Free Up Your Valuable Time For Other Projects-Get Personal Support to Easily Implement This Training-Take An Instructor Home With You Contact your personal training adviser directly or our office at 770-712-7293 for more information or with help getting started. Read More

Reets.TV introduces TES/ETES – World’s Fastest drying online video training series! This Series is taught by the inventor of the TES/ETES units and the developer of the Evaporation Potential Formula, Jeremy Reets.     Here Is What You Get:  Full Tes/Etes online video training system. Complete Tes/Etes systems manual. How to guides. Bonus charts, downloads and drying documents. Evaporation Potential and Psychrometric Calculator Here Is What You Will Learn: Learn why “Hot, Dry Airflow to the Water’ is the most important phrase in our industry! Specialized Training to maximize the TES System. How to use ‘Evaporation Potential’. How to Dry faster than anyone else in the world! Techniques for the fastest drying of carpet, pad, wood Read More

IICRC AMRT Course (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)  $995   5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross, GA 30071   Whether you specialize in water damage, sewage clean-up, or mold remediation or just handle the 'occasional' small flood, this class can help keep you out of trouble!  This class covers extremely valuable info such as:   'Hands-on' learning containment construction, proper mold remediation, critical air flow requirements, and much more.........   Various guidelines, standards, & principles of remediation   Structural remediation & water. Setting up drying equipment, air scrubbers, and building containment     Microbiology & health effects. Microorganisms-fungi, bacteria, viruses. Are they active or dormant?   Work procedures. Cleaning vs removal. ‘Contents’ remediation- clean or replace?   Personal protection, health, & safety. Are you dealing with life-threatening contamination?   Microbial sampling. Biocides & antimicrobial -determining when to use. Should you Ozone?   Sewage back-flows. E-coli, salmonella, shigella, pseudomonas, parasites, hepatitus A, rotovirus, adenovirus……WHAT ARE THEY AND ARE YOU PROTECTED? (hint: they can kill)   Sign in begins at 7:30 am. Class is from 8am-5pm daily and is a 4 day course.    ***Class Price Does NOT include test fee. Payment is made directly to the IICRC on the date of test. Cost is: $150   ​For Accommodations and More Information on traveling to this facility: Click Here Read More

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